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        PRODUCTS > Biaxial stretch film production line > Biaxial stretch film production line

        Biaxial stretch film production line

        Biaxial stretch film production line

        What is a plastic film biaxial stretching line?

        The film biaxial stretching production line mainly includes a bopet production line, a bopp production line, a bopa production line, a bopla production line, etc., which are extruded and cast through an extruder to form a sheet, and then stretched in both directions in the longitudinal and transverse directions, so called biaxial stretching. production line 

        When the longitudinal drawing machine and the horizontal drawing machine are under the action of external force, a certain multiple stretching is performed in the longitudinal direction and the transverse direction, so that the molecular chain or the crystal surface is oriented in an order parallel to the plane of the film, and then arranged in order, and then The heat setting is carried out under tension, the oriented macromolecular structure is fixed, and finally, the film can be obtained by cooling and subsequent treatment. Due to the orientation of the stretched molecules, the film has good physical stability, mechanical strength, air tightness, high transparency and gloss, and is tough and wear resistant.

        Plastic films suitable for biaxial stretching production mainly include polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, polystyrene and polyimide films.

        What are the uses of plastic film biaxial stretching lines?

        The film biaxial stretching production line is mainly used for stretching pet, pp, pa, pla, cellulose and the like.

        1. BOPET biaxial stretching production line: This production line is used for solar panel, liquid crystal display, heat sealing film, high resistance film, anti-ultraviolet radiation film, solar film, explosion-proof film, food packaging aluminized film and so on.

        2, BOPP is used for printing, bag making, adhesive tape and compounding with other substrates, biscuits, sweets, candy, snacks, cigarettes and other packaging.

        3. BOPS is used in positive pressure thermoforming machines to make plastic packaging products.

        4, BOPA is used for freezing, cooking, vacuum packaging and so on.

        5. BOPVA is used for ultra-thin films required for packaging such as cigarettes, printing, and daily necessities.

        6, synthetic paper / stone paper: printing, writing, advertising and decoration; for consumables, such as garbage bags, shopping bags, food bags, compact bags, lunch boxes, foot gloves, tablecloths, raincoats, dust covers, etc.; Used in industrial packaging and other fields, such as fertilizer bags, cement bags, rice bags, clothing bags, all kinds of handbags, carton cartons, etc.; stone paper products have strong competitiveness, the market prospects are very promising.

        Plastic film biaxial stretching production line equipment:

        The manufacturing technology of the biaxial stretching line includes the design of feeding, extruder, melt line (including filtration, metering), die, casting, longitudinal drawing, cross drawing, thickness measurement, traction and winding.