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        PRODUCTS > Plastic sheet production line > Pet sheet production line

        Pet sheet production line

        Pet sheet production line

        The PET sheet production line produced by our company has been widely used in more than ten countries and regions around the world. Its high quality, large output and strong stability are favored by customers. The Pet sheet production line adopts the parallel twin-screw extruder screw and the barrel design adopts the “building block type” structure. It has good interchangeability and can be used in any combination according to different material processing techniques to meet the different needs of customers. The cylinder is made of nitrided steel and bimetal, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant and prolongs the service life. The threaded components are made of nitrided steel and high-speed steel. The curve is computer-aided design and unique processing technology to ensure the thread working section. The normal tooth surface clearance and self-cleaning property; the specially designed connection mode and transmission device enhance the thread component and the mandrel strength. The above measures achieve uniform material dispersion, good mixing and plasticizing effect, and short material retention time. The conveying efficiency is high and the output is large.

        Focusing on the nature of recycling and recycling of PET products, repeated experiments and research and development of new screw structure, the material is sheared at high speed in the barrel, and the multi-stage unique shearing method enables the material to be rapidly plasticized in a short time without drying and crystallization. At the same time, the innovative and automatic automatic exhaust device is designed to automatically eliminate the moisture and moisture of the recycled materials during the operation of the main engine, successfully solving the problem of agglomeration and bubbles in the production of products, and has made a major breakthrough in PET recycling to reach materials. 100% recycled material, and does not require the world's most advanced level of dry crystallization.

        Qingdao Ou Rui pet sheet production line equipment features:

        1. High equipment output: maximum capacity of 1.5 tons / hour

        2. Wide processing range: 0.18-2.2mm (actual production)

        3, high degree of equipment automation: a full set of PLC control, automatic winding.

        4, the product quality is good: the same recycling material processing, the products produced by our equipment are tough.

        5, the equipment has a long service life: the use of foreign key electrical components to ensure long-term stability.