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        PRODUCTS > Plastic film production line > Asa cast film production line

        Asa cast film production line

        Asa cast film production line

        Asa cast film production line is the latest design and development of weather-resistant membrane equipment of our company. The investment cost is far lower than that of pvdf cast film production line. In particular, the price advantage of asa material will surely succeed in outdoor weathering film.

        ASA is a copolymer of styrene, acrylonitrile and acrylic rubber. Technically, ASA not only maintains the main characteristics of ABS, but also combines the advantages of acrylic weather resistance, so that the application of the product can be extended to outdoor use. ASA membrane products are made of high-quality ASA rubber powder raw materials. The products have been fully tested by the national chemical construction for 12,000 hours. The color retention performance is many times higher than the current extrusion on the market. The uniformity of the ASA film is higher than that of the co-extruded material, there is no thin spot color difference, and there is no waste of scrap material, so the current cast film production line of Asa has become a development trend.

        The characteristics of the asa cast film production line equipment produced by our company:

        1. The complete set of equipment adopts Siemens PLC, closed control, one-speed speed increase, easy to operate.

        2, the special screw design of the extruder ensures that the plastic melts, the color is uniform, and the extrusion volume is high.

        3, fully automatic mold with thickness gauge, can more effectively fine-tune the thickness deviation of the melt on the transverse width of the die, thickness uniformity to ensure ± 1 wire.

        4. The casting roller adopts the internal machining method of the inner flow passage to ensure that the temperature control is plus or minus 1 degree, and the rolling surface control precision is plus or minus 1 wire to ensure the thickness of the cast film is more accurate.

        5, using Italian Re tension sensor and control system to ensure that the tension control is positive and negative 1 cow.

        6, a full set of servo motor, with the servo controller to make the equipment run more accurately.

        7. The automatic cutting and winding machine has two functions of contact winding and gap winding. The winding has taper tension control, and the adjustment range is 5-200N/M.