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        PRODUCTS > Plastic film production line > Cpp cast film production line

        Cpp cast film production line

        Cpp cast film production line

        Cpp cast film production line equipment composition:

        The manufacturing technology of Cpp cast film production line includes the design of feeding, extruder, melt line (including filtration, metering), die, casting, traction and winding.

        Qingdao Ou Rui Taike Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. cpp cast film equipment features:

         Thickness: 18-80um

         Product structure: A/B/C,

         Product layer to layer ratio: 15-20/60-70/15-20

         Die width: 3500mm

         Width: 3200mm (after trimming)

         Winding diameter (maximum): Ф1000mm (mechanical design limit)

         Maximum mechanical line speed: 280m/min

         Extrusion capacity: main extrusion: maximum 700kg / h auxiliary extrusion: maximum 200kg / h

        What is a cpp film?

        CPP film, cast polypropylene film cast polypropylene, also known as unstretched polypropylene film, can be divided into general CPP (General CPP, referred to as GCPP) film, aluminized CPP (Metalize CPP, referred to as MCPP) film and Cooking grade CPP (Retort CPP, RCPP for short) film.

         CPP is a polypropylene (PP) film produced by a cast extrusion process in the plastics industry. This type of film is a non-oriented film unlike BOPP (bidirectional polypropylene) film. Strictly speaking, the CPP film has only a certain orientation in the machine direction (MD) direction, mainly due to the nature of the process. Excellent clarity and finish are formed on the film by rapid cooling on the chill roll.

        What is the use of cpp film?

        CPP film is printed and bagged for:

         (Composite film) clothing, knitwear and flower bags; documents and photo albums; food packaging.

         (Aluminized film) barrier film and decorative metallized film. After vacuum aluminum plating, it can be combined with BOPP, BOPA and other substrates for high-grade packaging of tea, fried crispy food, biscuits, etc.

         (Steamed film) CPP is excellent in heat resistance. Since the PP softening point is about 140 ° C, such films can be used in the fields of hot filling, retort pouch, aseptic packaging and the like. Plus acid, alkali and grease resistance, making it the material of choice for bread packaging or laminates. It is safe to contact with food, has excellent demonstration performance, does not affect the flavor of the food, and can choose different grades of resin to obtain the desired characteristics.

         (Functional film, also known as special film) Potential uses include: food packaging, candy packaging (twisted film), pharmaceutical packaging (infusion bag), in the field of albums, folders and documents instead of PVC, synthetic paper, not dry Tape, business card holder, ring folder and standing bag composite.

         CPP's new application market, such as DVD and audio-cassette packaging, bakery packaging, vegetable and fruit anti-fog film and flower packaging, as well as synthetic paper for labels.

        Qingdao Ou Rui Taike Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. cpp film equipment features:

        The cpp film production equipment developed by our company has compact structure and superior performance. The screw and barrel are optimized. The machine has the advantages of uniform plasticization, stable extrusion, high output and long service life.

        1. Raw material mixing, feeding system

          Spring spiral feeding.

         2. Single screw extruder (three coextrusion)

         Drive motor: using DC speed motor;

         Governor: use the American Parker DC governor;

          Gearbox: High torque reducer. Integrated deceleration and torque distribution to enhance load bearing capacity design;

         The gear is made of high-quality alloy steel, precision grinding after carburizing and quenching, the machining precision is above 5, the hardness of the tooth surface is up to HRC60-65, and the tooth profile and spiral shape are modified to ensure the gear is perfectly engaged under load and noise. Low, high transmission torque;

         Bearings generally use global famous brands, such as NSK, FAG, TWB, SKF, ZWZ, HRB brand products;

          Screw: screw diameter ¢150mm,

         The software has the advantages of efficiently conveying plasticization, mixing and kneading, shearing and dispersing, homogenization and homogenization, and pressure extrusion.

         Component material: high quality 38CrMoAlA surface chrome treatment; surface hardness: HRC55-60.

         Base: The base is rigid and equipped with a special machine damping pad. It has low vibration, low noise, stable operation and no special foundation.

        3. wick type high efficiency screen changer

         The pressure is stable, the continuous production cycle is long, and the filtration effect is good.

        4. Metering pump

         Flow 150cc Denmark Danfoss AC frequency conversion control

         The reducer is all equipped with American FALK reducer to ensure the transmission accuracy.

        5. Pressure sensor and melt pipe

         The pre-pump pressure collection uses the American Dennisco sensor.

         Through the control system, the pressure sensor is used for closed-loop control of the extruder, which can automatically adjust the extruder rotation speed and the amount of material to be discharged, so as to ensure the pressure of the extrusion is stable.

        6. Casting device

         Vacuum box: double chamber vacuum structure, fan power 7.5kW 2 sets; (vacuum box and die integrated)

         Universal adjustable static voltage edger; cleaning roller position adjustable. With aluminum high precision air knife.

        7. Traction and trimming device;

         The traction roller is composed of a steel and a rubber, and is pneumatically opened and closed;

        8. Automatically cut the winder

         Winding structure: turret center, gap winding mode;

         Winding function: It has two functions of contact winding and gap winding;

         Tension control mode: full-automatic tension control, winding with taper tension control, adjustment range 20-300N/M, and display data on the man-machine interface; maximum mechanical speed: 280m/min;

        9. Automatic thickness measurement system,

        French Scandex X-ray thickness gauge with automatic feedback adjustment. Separate bracket.

        10. Corona treatment and cooling system

         Single and double-sided processing design; processing value 42 dyne (no attenuation value)

        11 edge material automatic recycling system

         Trimming and pneumatic conveying system with fan

         Edge material crusher, recovery and conveying system, crushing material forced conveying device

        13 electric drive system

         The electric drive system provides drive for the various divisions of the production line, including heating and cooling fans, traction units and reversing duplex station winders. The transmission has a steady-state accuracy of 0.1% when using encoder feedback. All devices are equipped with a PROFIBUS fieldbus communication card, which can be directly connected to the PLC controller to form a fieldbus network. Speed control and tension control are required for the transmission to ensure uniformity of the longitudinal tolerance of the film.

        14 temperature control system

         There are a large number of temperature control points in the production process, and the temperature control accuracy of these points should meet the requirements of the process. The high-precision thermocouple and temperature module are used to detect the temperature. The German-made temperature module is used for temperature control with an accuracy of ±1 ° C. All temperature control requires disconnection detection and alarm.

        15 computer monitoring system and software

         The production line adopts a secondary network control scheme.

         The bottom line of the production line is the PROFIBUS-DP fieldbus structure. The S7-300 series controller is used as the main monitoring system of PROFIBUS-DP.

         Standard PROFIBUS twisted pair cable,

         The field substation uses Profinet Industrial Ethernet.

         Workshop monitoring layer with 10 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s Industrial Ethernet.

         Workshop monitoring layer monitoring computer uses: i5 processor chip; 2 G dynamic memory; 500 G hard disk; 16 M graphics accelerator card; Windows XP operating system; 21 inch 1280X1024 high resolution flat color LED;

         The computer monitoring software uses the Siemens WinCC configuration software, in addition to the standard basic configuration of 64 K Tag and 128 Tag, with the server/client option.

        The main functions of the workshop monitoring layer of the 16 production line are:

         The data of the production line site and each control unit are collected and displayed on the respective monitoring screens of the central control room CRT;

         Send various control commands to each control unit at the production line site, and modify production process parameters;

         Monitor and record various fault alarms; generate and print various reports;

         Create and save recipes and related parameters.

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